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We carry premium brands of all natural and holistic dog & cat foods and supplies, as well as a small selection of food and supplies for small animals. As pet owners ourselves, we are extremely selective when choosing a pet food brand to carry in our store. We strive not to carry any low-quality dog or cat foods that contain corn, soy, dyes, unhealthy fillers, meat or poultry by-products, meat or poultry digest and other low-quality ingredients while balancing the preferences of our loyal customers.

We are able to special order, on a one-time basis or at weekly, bi-weekly or monthly intervals most products, even if they are not part of our regular store inventory. Since we are a small business, we have limited space for inventory – participating in this program ensures that the product you want is put aside for you and available for purchase when you need it and at your convenience.  

We also offer a Frequent Buyer Program on most of our pet foods, which means you will receive a free bag of the food after so many purchases of that brand. (Example; Buy 10, Get 1 FREE).

Image by Jake Oates
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